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Thursday Aug 11

Woodland takes a look at how valuable payroll is, and how we can assist you with your payroll processes!


One of the most essential tasks in running a business is payroll. It is imperative that employees are being paid on a regulated basis without any delay. Payroll affects every aspect of a business from financial stability to the morale of employees.

If payroll is delayed, this will have an adverse effect on employees, who may start to question the financial integrity of the business. This could potentially lead to employees starting to underperform and care less about their job, if they feel their wages are not being handled professionally. Payroll should always be dealt with on time to keep employees happy and motivated.

An employee’s overall compensation is factored into payroll. It encompasses his or her salary benefits and bonuses. Furthermore employees typically undergo performance reviews by their supervisors, and are rewarded with increases in salaries, or bonuses.  Employees who receive pension benefits or health insurance for example feel they have more worth in the business.

Payroll can often be quite a time-consuming exercise for businesses. This needs to be executed at least once or twice on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis. The information must be accurate so that employees are paid correctly. To do this efficiently, we would recommend outsourcing payroll to free up time for other pressing duties.


How Woodland Can Help

Woodland has a wealth of experience in processing contractor payrolls and looking after contractors ensuring that they are paid on time and any queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently. We also have solid practice of dealing with Payroll and Contractor Management businesses, with sizes ranging from one to hundreds of contractors at any given company. Furthermore, if required we are happy to recommend experts who we actively work with to provide advice on complex situations. Why not take a look at our testimonials page to see what our previous contractors and clients think of the great service we provided them?


More on our Payroll Services

At Woodland we offer a variety of flexible payroll solutions to businesses of all sizes and from a broad range of sectors. If you are looking to outsource some or all of your payroll functions, we have the expertise and resources to meet your requirements, from weekly or monthly processing to year-end reporting. We will initially conduct a client consultation to better understand your specific requirements. Processing services range from personalised pay and deduction reports, BACS file creation and employee payslip/P60 dispatch.

Woodland provides a professional support service in looking after “introduced” business where a Client requires assistance in looking after either existing contractors not already attached to another agency or new contractors found direct by the client.  

Woodland offers a complete bespoke service so you do not need any in-house payroll experience. We offer competitive rates for such business and can provide a flexible approach to charges to suit each client’s needs.  Woodland is registered with data protection.

If required, we can speak directly to your employees should they have any queries regarding payments they have received or their entitlements to statutory payments.

For further information regarding Woodland’s payroll services click here or please contact Sandra Tye on 020 8905 2250 or email:

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