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Monday May 23

What qualities do employers look for in candidates?

Most employers have had their fair share of experiences with good and bad employees. Bearing this in mind, employers build up a good understanding of the qualities a candidate requires to succeed. Here are Woodland’s Magnificent 7:


1) Leadership

Leadership is the willingness and the desire to accept responsibility for results. It’s the ability to take charge, to volunteer for assignments, and to accept accountability for those assignments. A leader will not make excuses and will continuously demonstrating taking charge of achieving company goals through a committed performance at the highest level.


2) Integrity

One of the most sought-after qualities can be recognized if one stays true to themselves. Being totally genuine signals an honesty in yourself and your relationships with others. Furthermore, you do not shy from mistakes from the past, and you are happy to discuss your weaknesses as well as your strengths.


3) Likability

An individual with a great personality goes a long way towards building your popularity and effectiveness in the workplace. Employers look for positive team players who can gel within a team quickly through their warm and friendly personas.


4) Competence

To put it bluntly, competence is all about getting the job done properly. To be competent in what you do is the foundation of your career progression. Prioritizing tasks, separating irrelevant work from the relevant and focusing whole-mindedly until the job is done.


5) Confidence

Are you a risk taker? Can you accept a challenge without deliberating? As we all know, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. But if you exude a willingness to take on a job where there is possibility of failure, you will come across as highly competent. To be able to speak up and say what you think is a trait many businesses admire and look for.


6) Reliability

A quality that is sometimes overlooked, reliability is just as paramount to the success of an employee as the above characteristics. To be qualified and likeable is not enough. Accurate timekeeping, responding to emails swiftly and lending a hand when required are imperative.


7) Keen to Learn

An employee, who from the outset demonstrates the willingness to learn and develop themselves professionally, will go far. Be that someone, who joins training courses from the get-go or learns independently


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